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We offer a 360-degree solution to fulfill all your LLC needs. Finclore can take care of everything for you, from obtaining an ITIN to designing your website. Discover our services today! View more

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Frequently Asked Questions

Review and get answers to the most common questions we get about our business and services.

  • Should I choose an LLC or a C Corp?

    Ultimately, the decision on how to open a company in the US rests with you and potentially your co-owners. Here are a few tips that can help you;

    If protecting your personal liability is important to you, an LLC is a good choice. It is also simpler to get up and running.

    If you think you may need to move your capital to the US and take your company public in the future, a C Corp may be more appropriate. Operating as a C Corp is important to secure the cost of venture capital.

  • Does my C Corp require a board?

    If your company is located in Washington or Delaware, create a board of directors. Since there is no time in this regard, your business will not be able to take official action until this process is completed. This includes stock, payments, and staffing, so try to do this as soon as possible.

  • How is a DAO LLC different from an LLC?

    With one or more parts of the LLC, the DAO LLC is typically surrounded by an algorithm. Owners can also have a say in the strategic direction and operation of the company.

  • Can an LLC be converted to a DAO LLC?

    If you have already formed an LLC in the USA, you can change it into a DAO LLC. This requires a change to your articles. To meet this, we recommend that you review the full list of requirements.

  • Can I get an EIN in the US with a friend or family member's SSN?

    According to the IRS (Internal Revenue Services), you cannot use a third party to obtain your EIN. When applying for your EIN, it must list the name of the company or business and the owner or individual who will be held responsible for its funds and assets.

  • Can Finclore help set up payment service for the US company?

    Finclore can help you set up your Stripe account so that your business is ready to market and receive. For the new account you will need:

    • Your EIN number
    • Physical mailing address
    • US phone number
    • ID from any country

    Finclore can help you get your EIN number, secure a mailing address, and access to a phone number. You have everything you need, as you probably already have a personal identity. For PayPal, the list is similar, but you also need an ITIN.

  • Do I need a US bank account to use PayPal or Stripe?

    Yes, you must have a US bank account to operate a Stripe or PayPal account in the US. Finclore's services include helping you in opening a US bank account for your business.

  • If Finclore helps me start a company, who will be listed as a business owner?

    No matter how you choose to set up your company, whether privately or with the help of Finclore, you will be the legal owner and director. We'll only Prepare and file documents for you.


We offer more than just the basics! Choose an add-on for ongoing support to run your business smoothly

  • ITIN Number / Taxpayer ID

    ITIN Number / Taxpayer ID

    We work with a Certified Acceptance Agent to access your ITIN online.

  • US Virtual Mailing Address

    US Virtual Mailing Address

    Get standard and unique mailing addresses from multiple US stats for your company's official use.

  • US Visual Phone Number

    US Visual Phone Number

    Unlimited Calls, SMS, and MMS in US and Canada. Use PayPal, Amazon, or any other service.

  • Corporate Tax Preparation and Filing

    Corporate Tax Preparation and Filing

    Our partner company will help you file your annual federal and state tax returns.

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